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After finishing a 34-year career traveling the world in the entertainment and fashion industry, Debra settled down in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she began building her artisan, gluten-free bakery. 


Influenced by the Parisian bakery, Adieu-glu was born.  Adieu translates into "goodbye/farewell," as in "goodbye to gluten."

Much passion and love have gone into creating the staple breads she now offers, providing unique, high-quality products hand-crafted with a proprietary blend of flours and other natural ingredients.

Adieu-glu is a concierge, cottage kitchen bakery, proudly baking fresh sourdough breads, bagels, baguettes and other delicious baked goods, sold directly to the consumer from our dedicated "celiac clean" facility. Delivery or pick-up available.


Our founder, Debra Cooper, was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2004. She stopped eating bread for 12 years due to the lack of authentic-tasting, quality bread she had remembered enjoying. On a business trip to Paris in 2016, she discovered a gluten-free bakery and realized THIS is what she wanted to pursue: providing great tasting, gluten-free bread to others like herself who had difficulty filling the void left by dietary restrictions. sourcing freshly made GF breads. In addition, Debra was determined to create products free from added gums, or vacuumed-packed in plastic, or found in the refrigerated section of the grocery mart.

She began baking gluten-free cupcakes and breads, giving them to her friends and neighbors to try. She converted regular recipes into gluten-free and began experimenting with gluten-free sourdough starters.


Our Story



At Adieu-glu, we believe in the freshest, safest ingredients for our "celiac clean" community.  We won't sell it if we can't consume it ourselves. 

Being celiac, I understand the daily dilemmas we face with dietary restrictions, and that is why we insist on transparency when it comes to standards in our kitchen.  We are free from cross-contamination in our GF dedicated kitchen and we have begun to mill our own grains to ensure freshness and quality. 

Serving the needs of our customers is the number one reason behind our endeavor: to offer delicious Artisan breads without preservatives, incomparable taste and quality, using minimal ingredients you can pronounce.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know.  We can substitute your purchase for another product or refund your purchase completely.  

We look forward to bringing you...   BREAD!


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