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Keeping Bread Fresh

No preservatives, additives (such as gums), emulsifiers, dextrose or other ingredients have been added to prolong the shelf life of your freshly made breads & treats. Below are a few tips in making it last, unless you devour it !

Receiving a fresh, warm Artisan Boule or Sandwich Loaf of bread is difficult to resist and you most likely will have the tendency to want to slice it right open when you get home, but here's why you should wait.  Since there is no gluten in the flours used, the crumb tends to stay moist while still warm, therefore be gummy when sliced before cooling. If you receive a loaf that is still warm, please continue to let it cool on a rack, out of the bag when you return home before slicing.

Bagels, Baguette, Soda Bread and Focaccia are fine to eat when you receive them.

In the chance you don’t devour it on the way home, store preferably wrapped in a linen kitchen towel, cut side down on a cutting board or store in your brown bag you received it in for up to 48 hours.  


Do NOT refrigerate these breads as they have a tendency to become hard and not enjoyable.  I DO recommend refrigerating the DINNER ROLLS however.

After 48 hrs, slice your bread for convenience and freeze for up to 3 months.  All of the breads freeze really well and can be popped right in the toaster from the freezer or thawed first.

Prolonging the shelf life of your Specific Breads & Baked Goods

Artisan Sourdough Boule if you receive it when it's still warm, please let cool on a rack at home for another couple of hours to let the gf flours absorb the moisture from baking and so it won't be gummy when you slice into it.  After cooled, keep in the bag or wrap in a kitchen towel up to 48 hours.  After 48 hours, slice and freeze stored in a zip lock.  Take out slice by slice when needed and pop right in a toaster or skillet.

Sourdough Loaf most likely you've received the loaf pre-sliced.  Keep in paper bag or wrap in a kitchen towel up to 48 hours.  After 48 hours, freeze in a zip lock bag and take out slices as needed.

Baguettes these tend to stale fairly quickly, within 48 hours.  Keep wrapped in a kitchen towel on the counter up to 48 hours. They are mostly starch flours besides the sourdough starter, but the outer crust hardens quickly like a typical baguettes.  Slice at an angle for charcuterie and if you have left overs after 24 hours, slice and freeze in a zip-lock bag.

Bagels like regular gluten bagels, tend to be the best the day made and purchased.  If you don't get to eat the bagel or bagel bites within the first 24 hours, slice and store in zip-lock and freeze.  Freezes well and can be taken out when needed and placed in toaster or toaster oven.

Irish Soda Bread Best warm and slathered in butter! Tends to stale quickly, within 24 hours. Keep wrapped in kitchen towel on counter and slice and freeze after 24 hours.  

Focaccia best devoured right away and within 24 hours.  Can be sliced horizontally and stored in zip-lock bags after 24 hours and great for sandwiches.

Dinner Rolls including Hamburger and Hot Dog buns can be stored in their bag for a couple days on the counter, up to 5 days in the refrigerator or frozen.  These freeze really well. 

Cupcakes refrigerate really well for up to 5 days before freezing. When refrigerated, take out 30 minutes before serving.  When frozen, take out morning (5 hours) before serving and place in refrigerator and then 30 minutes before servicing, place on counter to arrive at room temp.

Cookies keep up to 5 days in an air tight container before freezing.

Crackers keep in their craft bag for a couple of days, I would transfer them to an air-tight container where they can stay pretty crisp for a couple of weeks.  (I find it hard to keep any crackers around to last this long)  

Enjoy! ~ Deb xx

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