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April Showers bring... Weddings & Birthdays


As Spring is here and April is greeting us this Friday, it reminds me of new growth, new birth, as well as spring cleaning. It also brings to mind that we need to prepare for the new beginnings in birth and growth with many tasks.

The recent time-off I took from baking was needed to prepare my mother for her new beginnings. I flew out to Washington State where she was in hospital for quite some time but happy to report she is excelling in rehab currently as I look for continued care.

With that being shared...

I am thrilled and honored to be baking a special wedding cake for a very special couple this week and equally thrilled to be baking a special birthday cake for a very special son of a customer! Later in the month I am excited that I was asked to make a birthday cheesecake for another supportive customer's husband! THANK YOU!

I can't THANK YOU all enough for the love and support you've shown me throughout the life of adieu-glu!! I still feel like I'm dreaming. And speaking of growth, adieu-glu is growing and expanding as well, which I will let you in on more details when I feel it's the right time. But definitely, Spring is so relevant for new beginnings and growth when it comes to the future of adieu-glu!

I've also taken on a project that allows me to support my bakery, but I need the time to complete the project and I am unable to take care of your baking needs, satisfactory to my standards when I focus on too many projects at once. With this announcement, I unfortunately need to stop baking for the next couple of weeks.

Life has been so blessed with projects, orders, customers, friends, family and yet life is packed with lessons, set-backs, disappointments and grief. It is balance that we need to find. Believe, with faith & trust, we will be given understanding when we need time to find the balance so we will be able to move forward without fear of disappointment to the ones we so want to please.

I am looking forward to the days when I'll have bakers that will help me bake, a shop where you can stop in and browse... But first ~ SPRING! Growth! Seedlings planted, Gardens tended, Weeds pulled, picking up the fallen leaves of Fall and moving forward! (metaphorically speaking of course) Life evolves!

Love to ALL of YOU fabulous Peeps! HAPPY SPRING! Bread will resume for your Holiday offerings!

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