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...on a knead to know basis!

Hello my beautiful gluten-free people! It's been a minute for sure.

It's been a whirlwind over here on 1st Avenue South and I'm over the moon at the response we're receiving, so THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

I have some news to share with you all! We have some days coming up we'll be closed, I'm attempting to bring back the online ordering again soon, some events we're having, and we need some help in the kitchen.

I'm taking a small trip next week to spend time on my 'side hustle' and a minute of a break, so we'll be closed a few days.

Closed: Sunday, February 25th,

Sunday, March 2nd,

Saturday, March 3rd

Since I bake all of the sourdough, and I won't have a baker on these weekend days, we're going to have to be closed beginning this coming Sunday and the following Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd & 3rd. We'll be open however on Thursday, February 29th and Friday March 1st. There will be frozen loaves, boules and baguettes in the freezer along with other items for you to choose from. Nicole will bake up as many bagels, cookies and cupcakes or carrot cake as possible for you to grab for the weekend. We'll open back up with regular hours March 7th.


We would love for the right people to join our awesome team!

We are looking for a couple of passionate, kind and integral team members to join our bakery. If you're gluten-free is a plus.

Preferably looking for a baker, 5:00 am call & weekends a must.

We are also looking for someone to fit in between schedules FOH. 6:30 am call and flexible schedule including weekends.

Send your resume to Room to grow and learn about gluten-free baking and become an addition to our awesome family!

Hope we reach those special someone's through this newsletter...or send someone that you believe would be a great fit with us! :)

F O U N D:

A couple of weeks ago, a customer found a necklace in the lobby of our bakery.

If you or someone you know that was here lost a necklace, please let them know we've found it. It looks like it might be a special treasure. You can call our bakery and describe it and we will hold it for you! 727-202-0188

O N L I N E - O R D E R I N G:

I'm going to work on the ordering next week when I'm away. It's been overwhelming with the number of direct messages I'm receiving regarding orders and unfortunately, I've made some mistakes and missed a couple of pre-order requests.

I'm shooting for March to open up the online ordering again to make it easier for pre-orders. Right now, it's our policy to take payment over the phone if you call in and place an order or have us hold items.

Make sure you check out our pantry the next time you're in. We're adding products all the time that we use in our baking.

Keep a look out for Singing Dog Vanilla, Montana Gluten-Free Oats and our Fine Bread Crumbs.

Our bagels have been greatly received and I'm so thankful you are finding our breads and desserts as delightful as we enjoy baking them for you!

Sending you all love and health!

Deb xx

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